Tantric Bodywork
For Women

How will it help you?

My work is focused on connection, and that work start with connecting with yourself, your own nervous system, your own emotions and your own sex. 

This will help you feel more, feel your body, feel your arousal, feel your pleasure, feel a partner.

By starting with connecting and feeling yourself, you can start feeling and connecting with a partner.


Here I will talk a bit about connecting with your yoni, your sex, and the importance of listening to her and her boundaries as well as noticing what a universe she is to explore by  yourself, with a therapist or partner. If or when I work with your yoni, I will do a yoni massage which is a massage of your vulva and if you are u for it, vagina. This can be an deeply healing experience as well as opportunity to fully feel yourself.

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I had one session with Ami and with no hesitation would recommend anyone to work with her. She explained very well how the session would go, and what she thought would be best for me as what each person needs is different, and I could tell she was using her very in tune intuition to make these decisions for our session.  During the session Ami held the space so strongly and really helped me to let go and surrender to whatever needed to happen and come out of my body. She used certain techniques to access points in my body where I had been unknowingly holding a lot of trauma and helped me to push through the blocks and barriers to finally face it and let it go fully. She guided me through this intense letting go of emotion with love and nurturing but also with a strength and vigour which is exactly what I needed.  I feel that I made a lot of personal progress with this session. I was able to deal with issues that I wasn’t aware were influencing me, and since the session I am feeling lighter in general, positive and hopeful. Thank you Ami!!

Lexi H. Teacher, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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