Tantric Bodywork
For Men

How will it help you?

My work is focused on connection, and that work start with connecting with yourself, your own nervous system, your own emotions and your own sex. 

This will help you feel more, feel your body, feel your arousal, feel your pleasure, feel a partner.

By starting with connecting and feeling yourself, you can start feeling and connecting with a partner.

Prostate and lingam

The tantric bodywork includes the entire body, also the anus, prostate, perineum, scrotum and lingam, when this work is within your consent. The anal and prostate work have a bad reputation in society, something that might keep you from reaching your orgasmic potential, if you haven’t explored yourself. The lingam massage is in general different from how most men (is my experience) masturbate. It is really a massage that is performed without a goal, without fast friction and is really a pleasurable and relaxing massage for a part of your body that usually are pushed to perform. You can read more about the benefits of prostate and lingam massage in the pelvic floor section, I also put in a link to it here below.

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I came to Ami looking for healing in terms of increasing my  sexual confidence and libido. I have had three tantric massages before but this time it was a completely different experience that gave me a much deeper and much more profound healing experience while the other massages I had before were more satisfying in terms of sensual pleasure, this time I could feel a large amount of body and mind related healing taking place which has clearly changed a lot in my body and minds patterns and seems to be sustainable to the overall energy level of my whole body having far more effects than I ever imagined. I am very honored that I had the chance to have made this experience. It was probably the most wonderful treatment I have ever received - not only because of  a lot of things came up that I really needed to release also because it was done by such a compassionate person with so much devotion and respect to my being. I am ever so grateful that I had the chance to have this experience and I can truly recommend to anyone.

Daniel G, Musician, Koh Tao, Thailand

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