Tantric Bodywork Therapy

What is it?

I work on the physical, emotional and energetical level of your body. This means I use physical touch, breathing, meditation and energy work during the session. 

The beauty for me in this work is the slowness that I work with, as well as the breathing and the connectedness. Tantric bodywork is performed differently by each practitioner, even if they have the same training. It will most likely be a different experiences for each session with the same practitioner as well. So, come with an open mind.

What will it bring you?

A tantric bodywork session brings different things every time, it depends on the intention we are setting, what state of mind we are in, together with what my hands and intuition are finding.

It could be sensation, emotions, arousal, traumas, pleasure. What ever comes up is welcomed and allowed.

The main thing that you will get is a space too feel more. If you are ready for that, then you are in the right place. The intention of feeling more is to get through the scary old feelings to give space for more pleasure in your life. 

The foundation of my work

The tantric bodywork I do help you come down into your body, reconnect and feel deeper. The sessions starts with a consultation, then a connection ritual and the massage that all help create a safe container. The first session is generally a “clothes on” session, a bit like Thai massage, where I don’t use oil. This I have found builds trusts and makes it possible to go deeper in the next session. I always have cloths on during the sessions and emphasize that whatever comes up for you, emotions or pleasure, it is your body, I’m there holding the space.


Pleasure and trauma

“We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions,

we also numb the positive emotions.”

Brené Brown

The way I see it, when it comes to why we escape our bodies up to the mind, is because of the pain and trauma that is generally stored down there. It makes perfect sense that we don't want to live in pain, so we numb it away. This might come up in the session on the path of reconnecting, healing your wounds from the past, to be able to live in it in the present and feel more of all your emotions. 

This work will help you connect with and process your past emotions that is stored in your body, if you and your body are willing to go there. I tend to work more towards trauma release and a cleanse of feelings more than a sensual massages.

When we have worked through the painful emotions, that is when the pleasure arises naturally because that is what we are born to feel. 

Difference between men and women

There is a difference between men and women, and that is why I have divided further information into two different pages. The main dividing is based on the genitals you currently have on your body because of the physical difference and sexual issues you might have. If you are defining yourself with another gender than the genitals you are carrying, please read both pages and send me a message if you have questions. I would love to work with people of any gender fluidity.



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