Sex and intimacy coaching

Why do you need a sex coach?

We are all different, but most of us never really got a great sex education in school, we got to learn how to not get pregnant and not to get an STI. They never really talked about how to have sex and how to do it well, so a lot of us found answers by trial and error, having a more experienced partner, or finding answers on line in text or porn.

What I want to help you with is to get actual answers on how to become a better lover and actually know a bit more what you are doing.

What is intimacy?

I never really connected the expression "making love" with the type of sex I was having, and couldn't see the love part in this pleasurable but still very physical act, until I started implementing tantric principles as well as understanding my own needs and desires.

By slowing down, removing goals and truly feeling yourself and the other person you can have a far more pleasurable experience than ever before, but it's not always so easy to break an old pattern, that is what i'm here to support.


This type of coaching is beneficial to look into what is blocking you from a great sex life and the type of relationships that you desire. It can be related to communication, conditioning from childhood, fear of intimacy or abandonment, or daring to be vulnerable.  


For couples it can be beneficial to get back the spark in your sex life, getting tools to find new areas to explore and new pleasures to play with in your relationship.

Also looking at how communication is working and to see how childhood woulds are influencing your interactions

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