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The start of a journey into visibility

Hi everyone and thank you for supporting me!

I just started my Facebook page,, and I have gotten so much more positive responses that I have needed some deep inner re-calibrations on my fear of visibility. For those who don't know me, I have a little bio below, and more in the about section on the web page.

A few years ago I started a journey away from engineering of process chemistry towards human chemistry, without knowing exactly how to get there.

I only knew that I had a dream of working with people, instead of machines, to help them get more connected with themselves and others. But also to get back in connection with who I am.

I didn't have a clear understanding of how to get there but life took me on a journey around the world where I have trained, practiced, assisted or held courses in tantra, tantric bodywork, massage, trauma awareness and pelvic floor bodywork. My latest addition is a deep sex and relationship coaching training which I probably will share a lot about.

I have also meet and been supported by some amazing people on this journey that have guided me when I needed support, mirroring, ideas or just someone holding space. I have also been privileged to support and hold space for others in their journey.

Now I'm working on adding my own flavor to all what I've learnt (including what engineering taught me) and funneling it down to the type of one-on-one sessions and workshops I would like to share with the world.

Parallel to this work, I'm practicing getting out in the light of social media etc, even if this is on the edge of my comfort zone. It's giving me more stress than I ever could think but I'm slowly working towards it anyway.

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