Pelvic Floor Bodywork
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Why pelvic floor massage?

Too many of us, with vaginas, yonies, pussies or whatever you feel like calling your genitals, don’t find it strange that there is some pain during and/or after sex. We find it normal that we don’t really feel if we are being penetrated, or if we do it might not be pleasurable as much as painful, because we don't know anything else. This is why pelvic floor massage can be really helpful, to release tense muscles, to relive nerve pain, and to activate muscles and glands.

Yoni massage vs
Pelvic floor massage

There are some different both words and schools for working with the yoni. I like saying pussy as a taking the power back regarding that word, but here I will talk about yoni which includes both the vulva and vagina. There is yoni mapping and yoni massage which focuses on pleasure. Activating the pleasure points, which by the way are glands, we get our pleasure from glands, and finding the ways to have different and multiple orgasms! This is beautiful work, but not what the pelvic floor work is about.

More in depth 

Here I’m focusing on the therapeutic part, of releasing tensions and pains, and activating muscles, sensation and glands which sometimes are pleasurable and may lead to orgasms without having a focus on it. It may also be painful, where emotions and traumas are released.


There are some issues that are in the vulva, if we find something there, we release that. One example could be the presence of milias which can lead to pain in the vulva or vagina if they are located too close to a nerve, and through that irritating it and giving pain.

In the vestibule, the area between the vulva and vagina, usually felt as the entrance of the vagina, there are some different types of pain. It can be the Hymen that causing the pain, it can be muscles, it can be traumas, it can be a lot more and it can be a mixture of issues.

There are still debates if the G-spot exists, in my experience, I've never met anyone without a G-spot, but it might not be pleasurable because of tension, pain, traumas or other issues. The vaginal canal has a lot more pleasure points than the G-spot and a quite a few different muscles around it that we work on together.

The pelvic floor consists of an intricate network of muscles, some are accessible from the outside, some from the inside trough the vagina and rectum. Working with the anus and rectum can help if you for example had painful experiences with anal sex. Another is if you have issues in the vagina, or sexual trauma there, we could work through the rectum instead on the same muscles without triggering the trauma in the same way.

Staring your connection with your yoni in this way helps you to build your inner trust to then have more pleasure with your partner or with a yoni massage practitioner. 

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Ami held a beautiful loving space. She was able to find tension in my jaw that no other therapist was able to find like that before. She was very attuned to my body and I felt safe and supported the whole session. 

Valerie, Bodywork teacher, Koh Phangan, Thailand

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