Pelvic Floor Bodywork
For Men


The prostate is nicely hidden and protected in the rectum, a place where few men feel comfortable to explore. A lot of that has to do with fear, shame and societies labeling of being gay if you enjoy that area of your body. What is't as commonly known is that by keeping away from your anus, you are robbing yourself from 3/4 of your orgasmic potential. Yes, by starting to activate the nervs you can get orgasms from your anus, your prostate and your vagus nerve.

In addition to more orgasms, prostate massages help increase blod circulation and reduce the risk of cancer especially if you are practicing some type of non-comming practice.


A lingam massage is a massage works on your perineum, scrotum, testicles and cock. It works on increasing connection and sensitivity which give a increased sense of pleasure. At the same time we check your nerv functions both for premature ejaculation and for erectile dysfunction. 

I work with slow movement, minimal friction and focus on connection and feeling without a goal. providing sensations that many never experienced before. 

Karsai Nei Tsang for men

Karsai Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist traditional treatment to dissolve sedimentation in the prostate and testicles. The traditional method is highly painful, and it's said that pain makes it more efficient. That is not true, and is can be both harmful and re-traumatizing depending on what you have experienced before in your life. The sequence I do is both pleasurable and beneficial.

The principle I use has similarities with the tantric work I do, but here it's more focus on problem solving regarding nervs, muscle tension, scars, milias and dissolving of sedimentation that could affect your sexuality. Here as well there is space and likelihood for emotional and trauma release. The sessions are adapted to each individual but generally include, a relaxation of the body and buttocks, releasing the pelvic floor from the outside, working on the pelvic floor muscles and the prostate from the inside. After that, checking nervs and do the Karsai sequence, and see how your sexual health can be improved. 

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Ami is highly intuitive, skilled, very present and caring when she works on you. I felt well taken care of and can highly recommend a session from her. 

Greg, Entrepreneur, Koh Phangan, Thailand

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