Pelvic Floor Bodywork

Why massage there?

This is a common question I get, as well as “How do you massage there?”. Those are perfectly reasonable questions and outside of tantra and some other spiritual circles, lingam and yoni massage and pelvic floor massage isn’t so common to talk about. That also applies to generally talking openly about loss of libido, nerve pains, prolapses, incontinence, erectile dysfunctions for example which pelvic floor massage can help to reduce, or in some cases cure completely.

How does it help?

My knowledge about pelvic floor includes are for example nerve pain and numbness of areas in the pelvic floor, prolapses, reduce pain during sex, reducing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation among other issues. I work with releasing muscles externally and internally for both men and women. By relaxing certain muscles, pinched nerves can be released, by reducing tension in muscles and then reset the nerves issues like incontinence and erectile dysfunction can be relived.

More in depth

To answer the questions above, “How do you massage there?”. I adjust my sessions for each client but there are some good points to do for most and I go through them below.


I see the body as a unity, so I usually start with an abdominal massage, which is a massage of the abdomen and the inner organs as well as releasing some or all of the deep front line of the fascia because the pelvic floor is a part of the deep front line which is the inside of the calf’s and thigh’s, the buttocks and pelvic floor, the deep abdominal muscles, front of the rib cage, neck and scalp.


After this I start working more closely on the pelvic floor focusing on your issue. Here is where the type of genitals you have becomes significant, and to read more details under men (or a person with a lignam) or women (or person with a yoni)


For men issues could be too tight foreskin, premature ejaculation, erectile disfunction, pain from scars like circumcision, as well as nerve pain, numbness, prostate issues, traumas, backpain from tense or imbalanced pelvic floor muscles.


For women, issues like vulvodynia, vestibulitis, tensions or disconnect from some muscles in the pelvic floor, nerve pain, numbness, scars, physical or emotional traumas are some of the things we can work on to help you to reconnect with your pelvic floor.

Contact & Inquiries

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