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Active: Active is a part of the name because I want to emphasize the importance of us working together. I can not heal you. I can help guiding you, but you need to be active and do the work.

Red: Red is for the root chakra where lots of our childhood traumas, our sexuality and our connection to mother earth are stored. It is also about my personality: fire, blood, heart, and my hair color. 

Healing: Healing is for how this work really heals your inner wounds and connect to your body again on a deeper level than just a massage for example.

Why I do this work

My life intention was to be an engineer. I took a detour when I was 19 to study massage therapy because I loved massaging people and I needed a break from school. 

This was really a great learning for me, and I use that knowledge still, but I didn't learn why I found everyone's trigger points, why I felt drained after sessions and why I stopped wanting to touch people.

This made me scared and I went back to the safe road, engineering. 

10 years later, my body had enough of me ignoring it. I had already started feeling my feelings and my body, I had started with tantra and meditation, but it wasn't enough. I was clinging to my work in an unhealthy way and it finally made me crash into a proper burn-out.

I don't want another burnout, but I'm grateful for having it. Having something shake you up, question your truths and believes, and it gave me time to think, feel and breath.

It also gave me time to study bodywork again, and everything I was missing in my first massage training I received here. Understanding energies, why I feel everyone's trigger points, how not 



- Dance teacher, since 2004

- Massage therapist, 2007-2008

- Master’s in chemical engineering towards process industries, 2008-2013

- Working as a development engineer in different companies and positions, 2013-2019

- Childhood de-conditioning and stared working with trauma, 2017

- Mix of tantric workshops and courses including The new tantra and Tantra festival India, from 2017

- Tantric Journey training, 2018-2019

- Pelvic floor massage and Chi Nei Tsang training, 2019

- Assisting Pelvic floor training, 2019

- Member of Tantric Healing Therapy, 2019

Here will come some more info


Contact & Inquiries

For questions, further information or booking inquiries you can contact me.

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