Are you dreaming of a deep and connected sex life?

Then I have some tools to guide you towards that dream. I work with physical issues like pain during sex, low libido, nerve pain, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

I'm working with emotional issues such as feeling blocked or disconnected from your body, tension that never seem to go away or that your body is in pain, then your welcome to reach out.

My last part is spreading knowledge a bout sexuality, so if you are feeling like "sex should be better than this"? Then your in the right place!

Have you had thought like this for months or maybe even years? Then I would love to join and guide you in a journey towards a more fulfilling and pleasurable life. Feel free to send me a message straight away or keep reading more about who I am and what I do.


Hi, I'm Ami!

I'm a tantric bodyworker and sex coach. That means I can support you in your journey to reconnect with your libido, improve your connection with your body and your sexuality by releasing tension, emotion and traumas. I also work therapeutically in the pelvic floor with prostate and genitals, to release sexual issues and pelvic floor related issues for both men and women.

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Ami is highly intuitive, skilled, very present and caring when she works on you. I felt well taken care of and can highly recommend a session from her. 

Greg, Entrepreneur, Koh Phangan, Thailand


How I can support you

I have different tools in my toolbox  that can support your journey to a more sexy and connected life. I have divided them here into different categories to make it easier to see what I do and how it can support you.

Tantric Bodywork 

The tantric bodywork I do helps you to open up and slowly come into your body. It can help you to release emotions and traumas as well as help you reconnect with the pleasure you can experience from feeling your own body and your sexual energy.

Sex and intimacy coaching

There are skills and techniques to becoming a  better lover; how to connect with a partner, how to increase the pleasure in your live. There might also be fears and traumas holding you back from creating a safe and loving connection, this is something we can work on.


I give a variety of workshops that include fundamental pillars of tantra, sexual principals, boundaries and consent, desires, how to connect with yourself and with a partner, massage for improved and safer sex.

Pelvic Floor Bodywork

My pelvic floor sessions are therapeutically focused with specific issues such as nerve pain, numbness, prolapses, pain during sex, erection dysfunction, premature ejaculation among other issues.  


I’m a member of the international directory Tantric Healing Therapy.

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